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August 30, 2017 - No Comments!

The Focus Journal by L’Atelier, 1 Week till our Kickstarter Launch!

We're one week away from launching The Focus Journal on Kickstarter!

After months of designing and testing, we're ready to share our creation with the world.

To make sure you don't miss our launch, subscribe to The Focus Journal's email list here. 

Minimal Design

The Focus Journal is a decluttered daily journal and was designed according to the premise of minimalism. That means the layout is very clean and has only the graphic elements that are really needed. It also doesn’t impose rigid systems, thought frames or methods. Its structure allows you to plan and execute according to your own way of thinking.

The pages are not dated which allows you to use the journal whenever. There is also a lot of free space for notes and sketches.

*Prototypes pictured


  • April - June: Developed concept and initial designs of The Focus Journal
  • June 10th: Printed 25 booklets which included 1 week worth of Focus Journal entries for testing
  • June 12th: Gave 25 booklets to our Focus Group participants to try for at least 10 days
  • June 27th: Focus Group Session. Received feedback from test group
  • June 28th: Emailed online survey to Focus Group participants and other testers
  • July 7th: Journal Content updated based on feedback
  • July 14th: Production ready prototype file completed
  • July 18th: Production ready prototype file sent to printing shop (250 pages x 10 prototype journals)
  • July 25th: 10 Prototype copies received: 5 in light gray and 5 in dark gray
  • August 13th: Filmed kickstarter video
  • August 30th: Final design revisions based on prototype feedback
  • September 7thKickstarter launch + party
  • October 7th: Kickstarter campaign ends 
  • November 7th: Journals ready to be shipped 


Photos by Olivia Sari 

August 25, 2017 - No Comments!

How you can take advantage of Influencer Marketing. Interview with Yasmin Ebrahimi from Sidebuy!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of influencer marketing by now and know that it is one of the most accessible and effective ways to market a product or service.

Influencers (ie: bloggers, media personalities, and regular people with huge social media followings) have been making a living from collaborating with brands, offering them exposure, a trusted opinion, and well crafted content. Yasmin Ebrahimi, an influencer and blogger herself, works for Sidebuy: a company connecting businesses to influencers. Learn more about how you can take advantage about this relatively new kind of marketing strategy in the interview below!

What was the driving force and inspiration behind creating SideBuy?
Sidebuy was built to empower real and authentic advertising. Social media has drastically changed the way consumers discover and consume content. They are less influenced by ads and more interested in other consumers’ recommendations. This shift has led to the new breed of consumers, or in other words “the influencers”, the social-savvy shoppers who share their opinions about products and services and have built a consistent community around niche topics. By leveraging influencers, brands can impact online conversations and authentically spark word-of-mouth. Influencer marketing offers a two-way communication channel which is often absent in other conventional forms of marketing media. This was the driving force behind Sidebuy and to put it in more practical terms, as for the product, we looked at the steps required to activate an influencer marketing campaign, from start to finish, and then tried to make it more data-driven, intelligent and seamless for both brands and influencers.

How does it work?
Sidebuy is a data-driven influencer marketing platform that matches brands with relevant influencers who create original branded content and amplify its outreach through their engaged audiences. Sidebuy intelligently tracks, measures and reports the performance of the campaigns to provide feedback and analytics to both the brands and influencers, maximising conversion rate, return on marketing investment, creativity and the power of the brand message.

Sidebuy also acts as an intelligent online agent for influencers always searching for relevant clients and assisting them to run, manage and track their campaigns. Our data driven platform matches influencers with the right brands and helps them manage their campaigns from start to finish, all in one place, so they can focus on what you do best, creating amazing content!

What’s one thing you want people to know about Sidebuy?
We want people to know that we work with brands within an extensive range of industries, from lifestyle & fashion to natural resources & finance.

Tell us about your team!
Currently, we are five full-timers at the office; three women and two men. We are a small team, but very tight-knit. We think of our team as our family. We spend a big portion of the day at the office, so it’s important that not only we can work well together, but also enjoy each other’s company and I can confidently say that we all do!

What makes your work days better?
I believe having a shared vision is what makes our work days better. When the team shares a unified vision, and everyone’s striving towards that, they are better equipped with dealing with the daily challenges which are very frequent at start-ups.

Tell us about your current work environment
We just moved to a new office in Yaletown. We are part of the Ignite ventures which is an equity investment incubator, so we share our office with three other startups. Our office has an open space with big windows facing a beautiful tree covered street. Our desks are organised in a way that enhances teamwork. We also have a beautiful rooftop in our new office which we use for our office events and staff birthdays.

Any new projects or future plans for Sidebuy?

We are always working on improving our product, adding more features to make it more efficient and seamless for the user. We are currently working on taking our product to the next level which is all we can say! So stay tuned! 🙂

**L'Atelier members get 25% off on their first month of influencer marketing campaign, if they contact Sidebuy before September 15th. To redeem their discount, they can email us at [email protected] and use the subject line: "Sidebuy X L'Aterlier Promo" to book their first appointment.

July 18, 2017 - No Comments!

Interview with Rebecca Rochon from Pivot & Pilot

We had the chance to connect with Rebecca Rochon, founder of Pivot and Pilot and were truly impressed by the ways she conducted her business. Her outgoing personality drew us to her and left us wanting to know more about how she became such a badass.

So we met over Kombucha and listened to her story.

Read more about how she went from being a storyboard artist to starting her own business in the interview below.

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March 23, 2017 - No Comments!

Top 10 benefits of coworking

On the fence about joining a co-work space? We asked our members for their favourite things about being in the space, and as a result, here are 10 benefits to being in a co work space!

#1. You're never alone.
Stuck on a project? Need to ask an expert a quick question? Chances are there'll be someone close by who can help you.

#2. Inspiration is always close at hand.
With so many beautiful co work spaces in the city, you can't help but be inspired every day. 

#3. Tea and Coffee is free! Enough said 😉

#4. Printing, photocopying, scanning... all the office essentials right at your fingertips.

#5. Solid internet. Never lose that connection again.

#6. Quiet time
Need to take a private phone call or have some space to be alone? Most co-work offices have phone booths, meeting rooms and little nooks to help you feel a little bit of privacy when it's needed.

#7. Events on your doorstep!
Having community events on a weekly and monthly basis in your office is a huge bonus. You might learn something new, meet someone new or even get a free beer or two. Win win!

#8. Resources
Being surrounded by so many other workers means resources and advice at your fingertips. Need a lawyer or accountant? Chances are, someone else in the office has a great recommendation!

#9. High end furniture
No more sitting at home on a fold up IKEA chair, nope in a co-work space you'll have high end furniture designed to support your back and keep you comfortable while you work.

#10. Professional meeting space
Keep your business looking pro by meeting with clients in a dedicated meeting space - no loud music, no interruptions, just you and your client.

March 9, 2017 - No Comments!

Growing Your Network The Fun Way

Do you hate networking? Do you dread attempting to get dressed in something "professional" just to cling to your wine glass all evening and then go back home feeling drained and like you wasted your evening? You're not alone, because networking in the traditional sense is no fun. Even the word comes with connotations of stuffy, boring, cringe filled events. Fear not, we've got 5 quick tips to get you on your way to having fun whilst networking!

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March 8, 2017 - No Comments!

Local Tools: Networking

Networking. It's dreaded, it's hated, it's not always fun. Fear not though! We've got a post coming later this week on how to make it 100x more fun, and to test out your new skills, here's 5 local events and tools you can use for growing your network.

(With today being International Women's Day, the majority of these events come from companies run by women, are targeted for women, or include a panel of women only speakers.)


MARCH 8TH/15TH/22ND: Rock Your Business Plan
Get the support of Futurpreneur while you hash out your business plan. The best bit about workshops? Meeting people in the exact same situation as you, in a much more relaxed and informal fashion. Rock that network and gain skills at the same time!

MARCH 23RD: Improve your public speaking skills
Here in the office at the end of the month, YWIB is hosting an event to discuss public speaking - something that can be applied to those networking events you're planning on attending! Get your presentation and speaking skills down with an intimate workshop taught by Genicca Whitney.

MARCH 27TH: Grow your personal brand
Attend an event that focus on growing your personal brand, and meet likeminded people while you're at it! Vancity Business Babes has an event just for that on March 27th. Reserve your spot here and head downtown to surround yourself with powerful women!

MARCH 30TH: Women in Tech
A panel discussion with women from companies such as Slack, Saje, Hootsuite and more. This panel profiles some of the leading ladies in tech. They'll be sharing personal experiences, advice and how they achieved their career successes.

February 16, 2017 - No Comments!

L’Atelier Mentions and Awards!

We've had the honor to have been featured in several publications recently!

Here are a few worth mentioning:

Publication: The Nomad Capitalist

Article title: Best Co-working spaces in Canada for 2017

Award: Best Co-working space in Vancouver

The best co-working spaces in Canada for 2017

Publication: BC Living

Article title: Top 5 co-working spaces in Metro Vancouver

Award: #2 best co-working space in Vancouver

Publication: BC Living

Article title: Top 5 co-working spaces in Metro Vancouver

Award: #2 best co-working space in Vancouver

Publication: Gray Magazine (print)

Article title: GRAY No. 30 - Pacific Northwest Designs

Mention: Featured in the "Workspace" section

Publication: The Daily Hive

Article title: Sneap Peak: Inside L'Atelier, Vancouver's newest co-working space 



February 14, 2017 - No Comments!

Local Tools: 5 Ways to stay productive and healthy this month

February in Vancouver has been tough. We've had more snow than the city has experienced in decades, and health and productivity levels are at their lowest because of it. We've got a roundup of local tools and events to help get you refocused and back on track.

#1. Reconnect and get inspired
Check out Fall For Local speaker evening - all about having a side hustle and owning it. With 4 local entrepreneurs talking, you're sure to come away re-inspired and ready for spring.

#2. Stay healthy!!
URGH snow and colds and infections are the worst. But our resident nutritionist Erin is providing us with 3 work friendly lunch recipes at our hustle session next week. Pop by after work on Wednesday 22nd at 5pm to hear more about the healthy food you can be making at home! RSVP here.

#3. Laugh
A good laugh can do wonders for the soul. Get yourself over to Granville Island on a Sunday night for the Rookie Improv Show and let off some steam!

#4. Avoid burnout
Learn how to avoid burning out - something that's especially important if you're an introvert and spend your energy on interacting with others! Grab a place at member Faris's talk that's happening tomorrow night here at L'Atelier!

#5. Meditate
Something we all know we should do, and most likely forget to do - especially in times of sickness or when we're rushing to get things done. Our tip? Take 5 minutes alone just to sit and be quiet. If in doubt though, make the most out Moment Meditation's current 2 for 1 deal using code "2for1"