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The Focus Journal by L’Atelier, 1 Week till our Kickstarter Launch!

We're one week away from launching The Focus Journal on Kickstarter!

After months of designing and testing, we're ready to share our creation with the world.

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Minimal Design

The Focus Journal is a decluttered daily journal and was designed according to the premise of minimalism. That means the layout is very clean and has only the graphic elements that are really needed. It also doesn’t impose rigid systems, thought frames or methods. Its structure allows you to plan and execute according to your own way of thinking.

The pages are not dated which allows you to use the journal whenever. There is also a lot of free space for notes and sketches.

*Prototypes pictured


  • April - June: Developed concept and initial designs of The Focus Journal
  • June 10th: Printed 25 booklets which included 1 week worth of Focus Journal entries for testing
  • June 12th: Gave 25 booklets to our Focus Group participants to try for at least 10 days
  • June 27th: Focus Group Session. Received feedback from test group
  • June 28th: Emailed online survey to Focus Group participants and other testers
  • July 7th: Journal Content updated based on feedback
  • July 14th: Production ready prototype file completed
  • July 18th: Production ready prototype file sent to printing shop (250 pages x 10 prototype journals)
  • July 25th: 10 Prototype copies received: 5 in light gray and 5 in dark gray
  • August 13th: Filmed kickstarter video
  • August 30th: Final design revisions based on prototype feedback
  • September 7thKickstarter launch + party
  • October 7th: Kickstarter campaign ends 
  • November 7th: Journals ready to be shipped 


Photos by Olivia Sari 

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