Mailbox Service

Our Office: #400 319 W Hastings st 

Get all your mail delivered to a real address: #400, 319 W Hastings st Vancouver, BC V6B1H6

A real person will receive your mail and immediately notify you by email or text and add a nice description of your package/ letter, including where it came from and if it looks like junk or possibly a check!

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$25/month + 5% GST 


Up to 5 letters forwarded to a different address at no additional cost

Yes, we can receive any size packages 

Yes, we can scan your letters and send you a digital copy 

Yes, you can cancel anytime 

Yes, you can use it for "Google My Business"

Extra Perks:

You'll have access to our membership portal 

and could book our meeting rooms or hot desk space if you want to!

You'll be consider a member of L'Atelier Coworking

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