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Top 10 benefits of coworking

On the fence about joining a co-work space? We asked our members for their favourite things about being in the space, and as a result, here are 10 benefits to being in a co work space!

#1. You're never alone.
Stuck on a project? Need to ask an expert a quick question? Chances are there'll be someone close by who can help you.

#2. Inspiration is always close at hand.
With so many beautiful co work spaces in the city, you can't help but be inspired every day. 

#3. Tea and Coffee is free! Enough said 😉

#4. Printing, photocopying, scanning... all the office essentials right at your fingertips.

#5. Solid internet. Never lose that connection again.

#6. Quiet time
Need to take a private phone call or have some space to be alone? Most co-work offices have phone booths, meeting rooms and little nooks to help you feel a little bit of privacy when it's needed.

#7. Events on your doorstep!
Having community events on a weekly and monthly basis in your office is a huge bonus. You might learn something new, meet someone new or even get a free beer or two. Win win!

#8. Resources
Being surrounded by so many other workers means resources and advice at your fingertips. Need a lawyer or accountant? Chances are, someone else in the office has a great recommendation!

#9. High end furniture
No more sitting at home on a fold up IKEA chair, nope in a co-work space you'll have high end furniture designed to support your back and keep you comfortable while you work.

#10. Professional meeting space
Keep your business looking pro by meeting with clients in a dedicated meeting space - no loud music, no interruptions, just you and your client.

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