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The Urban Hustle – Interview with Sarah Bernstein!

Get to know Sarah in the interview below and make sure to check out The Urban Hustle regularly for daily inspirations!

Where are you from/ where did you grow up? Any stories from your past that you'd like to share?

I was born and raised in Vancouver and made my way to Kelowna to study at UBC back in 2011. It took me a couple years in university to find what I was truly interested in but I’m very happy with my decision to switch into the Bachelor of Fine Arts program and I definitely feel “in my element.” I am currently in my final year and I can’t wait to graduate! Art has become how I express myself and I’m always learning new ways to do this.

In May 2014 I was fortunate to be selected to travel to Israel on Birthright, which is an educational program that sponsors free ten-day trips for adults of Jewish heritage from ages 18-26. This was my first trip by myself to a foreign country and I came home with such an appreciation for the culture and the extraordinary people I met travelling through Israel. The world has so much to offer and I can’t wait for my next adventure!

What do you do/ what are you passionate about and why did you choose to do what you do? Any exciting projects to share or maybe an unknown fact about your line of work?

I love to create! Ever since I was young I have admired everything in the visual realm. I have a strong passion for music, art, photography, social media, fashion and food. I did a lot of editorial writing in the past, and discovered there was nothing stopping me from creating my own website, The Urban Hustle, which launched in September, 2016. My website features interviews of talented designers, fashion bloggers, foodies, artists, musicians and inspiring individuals. I’ve put a lot of energy and time designing my website and I can’t wait to expand it even more and really start to create a business for myself.

As far as my fine arts degree, I’m currently working on a show that involves deconstructing old cassette tapes from the 1970’s and 1980’s. I have about 1500 cassettes that I’m pulling apart and re-configuring into 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional works. It’s a massive job but I’ve never been more inspired. The work will be shown at UBC Okanagan in April 2017.


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Do you work from home? Have you ever tried co-working? 

I do work from home and I try to fit in as much time for my website as I can while I’m finishing off my degree. As far as co-working I work in a shared studio where other artists can come by and comment and critique my art as I’m working on it, which creates a good discussion for feedback within my artistic practice. In regards to The Urban Hustle I think that setting up interviews and getting to know the people I am writing about is a form of co-working. I set up these interviews and get to collaborate with other artistic individuals, which is refreshing.

What attracted you to L'Atelier? 

I appreciate that L’atelier provides an environment for emerging talent to expand on their ideas, get away, and collaborate for success.

A quote you live by: 
Live Boldly, Push yourself, Don’t Settle

Your favorite lunch spot in Vancouver: Finches! They have the best sandwiches

Favorite snack: Rice crackers and cheese


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